Someone said: “A lot of people needs coaching, but not everyone wants coaching.”

A coaching relationship is something very unique. It is a great advantage to have someone working with you instead of “for you”, someone neutral who just wants you to succeed, who is on your side. This is something we don’t often encounter in our lives.

I remember being a teenager and a few key persons in my life that were my mentors. To this day I still have such mentors and coaches and I still learn a lot from them.

Working with me is not easy. I won’t listen to your stories, I will not make it comfortable and at times you might even want to stop. People who work with me say they appreciate my enthusiasm, they love the way I am always pushing them and giving my 100%. They like how I read between the lines and help them get to a clear vision of what they want in life.

I am not an expert in your life. I will never tell you what to do. And what is actually amazing is that the answers come out from you ! I am mostly helping you reflect on what you want and give you more options on how to proceed.

Maybe the biggest thing for people who work with me is the sense of control they get. They feel very empowered and responsible and I enjoy seeing them taking on challenges and pushing their limits back.

I am a very pragmatic person and I work with people to define a very specific plan and strategy to get where they want to go. Every time I talk with someone, we decide what they want to do next, what their next task will be. It really helps moving forward and tackling down these goals that look very challenging at first.

I take a lot of notes when I work with you, I also ask questions, and then more questions. I send you emails. Sometimes very long ones with quotes, resources, articles, pictures or book recommendations… Anything I find useful or interesting that can be applied to your unique situation, I will share with you.

There is, of course this amazing program that I facilitate. And if you decide to work with me, there is a big chance you might want to go for it. People love this program and it’s a detailed, step by step process that includes a lot of great content over a minimum of a 3 month period. This program is very intense and is not for everyone. You need to be very motivated and very committed to get into the program because it is very demanding ! Most people underestimate what they can do and how much time they can dedicate to themselves per day. One of the main goals of the program is to get drastic results over a short period of time by changing your daily habits. If you are ready to change your results drastically, be prepared to put in a lot of work !


If you have more questions regarding the way I work or the TIR program, feel free to contact me.


To your results,


Guillaume Petit-Jean